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We are proud to have been rated #1 "Family Safe Site" for all ages…Thank you so very much!


Rec'd 4-17-2000

Thank you for your "Safe For All Ages" rating!

Thank you very much!

Thank you for a "Family-Friendly" site rating!

Thank you so very much!

Rec'd 4-27-2000

Thanks for the "Squeaky Clean" site rating!

Rec'd 5-4-2000

Thank you so much for registering out site!

Rec'd 5-4-2000

For making our site "Safe for Kids"…Thank you!

Rec'd 5-7-2000

Thank you!

Rec'd 6-6-2000

Child Safety First…Thank!

Rec'd 6-9-2000

Protecting our Children…Thank you!

Rec'd 6-10-2000

Thanks you so much!

Rec'd 6-27-2000

For helping to spread the word about child safety on the Internet…Thank you Larry!

Rec'd 6-28-2000

Thank you!

Rec'd 7-31-2000

Thank you so very much for your "Net Nanny Seal of Approval" for "Our Thornton Family" site…It means a lot to us!

*Message received: Thank you for creating such a safe and fun environment for children and families. Best of luck with your site!…Warmly, Amanda Geyer (Marketing Coordinator)

Rec'd 8-19-2000

For helping keep our Internet safe…Thank you for your Family Friendly Site Seal!

Rec'd 9-4-2000

For having a Family Friendly web site that is suitable for the whole family…Thank you "CYBERsitter" for your seal of approval!

Rec'd 9-6-2000

Thank you for your rating!

Rec'd 9-22-2000

For a 5-Star Rating...Thank you Dan!

Rec'd 9-22-2000

For our show of support...Thank Kim!

Rec'd 9-24-2000

Thank you!

Message received: Thank you for joining the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children's Web Project. You are playing a vital role in NCMEC's mission to recover missing children and provide important child-safety information. Thank you for your support.

Rec'd 9-25-2000

For our support and voice for children...Thank PKF!

Rec'd 9-25-2000

Thank you very much Joi!

Message received: We do appreciate your membership and support...Thanks for helping us give children the power to keep safe!

Thanks again to all of the above sites for taking the time to rate us…We deeply appreciate it! J