WILL of Maj. James Ball


*My 6th great-grandmother, Mary Ann Bertrand was the 3rd wife of Maj. James Ball. Mary's 1st husband (my 6th great-grandfather) was Charles Ewell.

In the name of God Amen I James Ball being in perfect health and memory thanks be to god do make this my last Will in Manner following viz I do first and most principly give and bequeath my Soul to God who gave it me in certain hopes notwithstanding my unworthyness to receive pardon of all my sins through the blessed merits and mediation of my deer redeemer Jesus Christ.

Item I give to my Grand Son Burgess Ball all my lands in King George, Spotsilvania and Stafford Counties during his Natural life & at his decease I give it to his child or children as he shall think fit and to their heirs.

Item I give to my Said grand son Twenty one Slaves viz. Dick, Bristor, Adam Rawleigh, & Alice yt I Bought of my son James, Lucy & her four children and her three grand children, Letty and her Seven children and all their future increase when he shall arrive to the age of twenty one or have lawful issue and that my exe'r keep a true account of the profits of the slaves out of which profits it is my desire my aforesaid grandson be well educated & when he shall arrive to the aforesaid age or have lawful issue, that he be possessed and entitled to ye the said slaves and their increase as also what shall arrive from the profits of the said slaves, but in case my said Grand Son die before he come to the age of twenty one and without lawful issue then I give the Said Slaves and profits to be equally divided among my Son and five Daughters and their heirs.

Item I give to my Said Grand Son my clock and my two mares Blase and Fancy & what stock I shall have on the land before given him and all their increase when he shall come to the age aforesaid or have lawfull issue.

Item I give to my Daughter Sinah and my four grand Sons viz. Jesse Ball son of my Daughter Frances, James Ewell and James Ewell son of Eve Ewell and John Selden and their heirs five thousand acres of land in Prince Wm County to be laid off at the upper end of my mountain tract to them and their heirs equally amongst them. I give to my Daughter Eve one Slave named Sarah and all her Encrease which she has now only the use of.

Item I give to my daughter Selden and her heirs ye land I bought of Benjamin Taylor. I give to my grand son John Taylor Fifty pounds Sterling to be paid him when he shall come to the age of twenty one but if he should die before that age then I give it to his Mother it being part of her portion. Item I give to my five Daughters all my household goods except my plate. The best bed and furniture which I give to my Son James.

Item I give to my Grand Son Tobey Downman Thirty pounds to be laid out in land or a Slave and no otherways. Item I give to my grandson James Downman my watch and Silver Buckles. Item I give to my son James the use of all the remainder of my estate including my Slaves in his possession which he has now the use of all during his natural life and at his death to dispose of as he shall think fit.

Item I do appoint my Son Exr of this my last will and testament and guardian to my grand son Burgess Ball and my will is that my estate be not appraised. In witness my hand and seal this 15th day of July 1754.

James Ball [Seal]

At a Court held for Lancaster County on the 15th day of November 1754 this will was presented in Court by James Ball Gent Excr therein named who made Oath thereto and the same was ordered to be recorded. Teste, Thos Edwards, Jr. C. L. C. A copy Attest Benj'n M. Walker C. C. 1830. Dec 3d.